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Exclusive world-first dessert
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Introducing PATOU, an exclusive dessert that brings to you the sweetest that the Mediterranean has to offer. Originating from a well-preserved family recipe that has been passed down generations, PATOU is the sweet result of a family affair that has been shared, for you to enjoy and savour. From our home to yours, PATOU is a labour of love that is made with the freshest and locally grown Australian ingredients.

This two layer dessert consists of a pumpkin confit base and a crème pâtissière layer.

Serve warm or cold.

Cooking Instructions: Remove sleeve and lids. Put the tubs on a room temperature tray and place in the microwave for 50 seconds. Caution: Tub and contents may be very hot after heating (based on a 1000 watt microwave - given as guide only).

Do not freeze, keep refrigerated at 1-5 °C, with approximately 4 weeks shelf life when refrigerated.

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Fifi A Hussien

Fifi’s passion for cooking was ignited as a young child. Born in Alexandria, Egypt, she spent her childhood days in the burgeoning port city which is perched on the edge of the majestic Mediterranean Sea. On weekends, Fifi would visit the cherished family farm where her love for cooking thrived.

At the farm, Fifi took immense delight in savouring the luscious flavours of the fresh fruit and vegetables that were grown there. The ingredients were attentively harvested from the farm gardens, and the crème pâtissière lovingly prepared according to the tightly held family recipe. After being cooked in an Egyptian rural wood oven, the dessert would be served and every tasty mouthful would fill Fifi’s heart with joy.

Driven by a desire to share that same comfort and joy with others, Fifi turned her grandmother’s traditional pumpkin and crème pâtissière dessert into PATOU - an exclusive commercial dessert that puts a spin on the traditional family recipe. Fifi shares a little bit of Egypt with Australia when she delivers PATOU – with its striking orange colour and mouth-watering sweetness – into homes, cafés and restaurants through her boutique pâtisserie, Flaugnarde.

PATOU is free from artificial colours and preservatives and full of flavour, love and life. More than just a delightful dessert, it’s a labour of love that warms the heart, just like a golden Egyptian summer. With eight different varieties to choose from, there’s a PATOU for every occasion.

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